Man supplying cannabis to seriously ill toddler has house raided after writing to Chief Minister

An ACT man who was providing liquid medical cannabis to the family of a seriously ill toddler has had his house raided by police, after writing to the Chief Minister to tell her the treatment was working.

The marijuana was being supplied to family of a two-year-old girl named Abbey, who suffers from seizures that cause brain damage.

Cannabis tincture controls the seizures and keeps her alive, but her supply has now been cut off.

In February the ACT man, who had been giving the cannabis tincture to the child’s mother Cherie, wrote to Katy Gallagher explaining the child’s health was improving.

He also asked whether she would consider legalising medical marijuana.

Two months later the police raided the man’s house.

Ms Gallagher has told triple j’s Hack program that she had no choice but to forward the email to the authorities.

«What if I did nothing with that information and it was later found out that I’d just ignored the fact that someone had sent me an email saying they were administering a prohibited substance to a young child?» she said.

Ms Gallagher said the man had been corresponding with her for a number of years before he had indicated to her that he had a young child, a patient, who he was administering marijuana to.

«He’s a frequent emailer to my office and we’ve engaged in areas of disagreement over that time, but certainly this one tipped me into another area,» she said.

«As the law stands at the moment marijuana is a prohibited substance, and I have responsibilities on me as Chief Minister under child protection laws if nothing else, that that information had to be passed on.»


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