Seattle’s first THC-restaurant: Washington cities ban cannabis shops

For the cannabis connoisseurs who are ready to upgrade their food munchies to a level of high-quality foods, there’s a new gourmet menu brought to you by Magical Butter Studio, the first THC-restaurant to open in Seattle. One of the main taste “bud”-enticing, mouth-watering items that’s stirring up a lot of interest is the famous weed-infused peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The cannabis-based restaurant will offer gourmet menu items, along with a fine dining environment.

Today, June 14, Executive Chef, and West Coast Director of Operations of Magical Butter, Jeremy Cooper shared with Examiner how the Samich was first inspired, and how they hope to continue building their new venture of weed-infused gourmet meals that help customers with “dietary aspects.”

SAMICH stands for; savory, accessible, marijuana, infused, culinary, happiness. Chef Cooper described where the inspiration of the food truck came from. Chief Operating Executive, Garyn Angel, of Magical Butter, gave him a call, “at about 6:30 in the morning,” Cooper said. “I get this call from Garyn and I’m like hello, and Garyn’s like hey dude, you awake yet, and I’m like no. And he goes, hey you wanna build a food truck. And I’m like –I’m in! And he’s like before Cannabis Cup, and I’m like — that’s like FOUR WEEKS AWAY, and I’m like Hell-Ya!”

Cooper said the Magical Butter food truck started taking shape right behind the Magical Butter studio office in Seattle, in the well-known Sodo district. Not only does the company believe in culinary happiness, but they were environmentally conscious and upcycled an old school bus. The studio is dedicated to “food development and food shows.” After the truck was ready for the road trip; they drove it to Denver’s Cannabis Cup, where it was a huge success!

“We built that truck in two weeks. Ya we built a full-fledged corporate food truck, one of the largest in the world, in less than two weeks,” Cooper said.

He has a culinary background which spans more than two decades of cooking — and it shows! The THC-infused sandwich is one of his favorite items. He said, it consists of “a whipped honey butter put onto a artisan 5 grain nut bread, which we make our own peanut butter; which is of pistachio, almond, pecan, macadamia nut, peanuts, and then infused and blended with olive oil – spread on both sides of the bread, then we put our own customized infused jelly (also made in the studio from scratch), then add a brandy caramelized banana infused with honey,” all grilled to perfection in a panini maker, cooled, and served cut in half. So shelling out $25 is nothing considering the elaborate ingredients infused with weed for the ultimate sandwich. Not only has this company taken on the role of gourmet THC-infused foods, but they have placed safety as one of their top priorities. In order for new customers to make sure they are ordering the right dosed infused-edibles; the Samich has carefully planned to hire all staff who are patients themselves and work with a local medical marijuana group. Customers can look forward to sitting down at tables, while waiters who are also patients will wait on them, and help in choosing the right menu item.

“We work with a medical group in Seattle, and we can refer new customers to go over all the medical details.” Cooper said, “we strive ourselves on being very knowledgeable about cannabis as well as being educated about the effects, because one thing we don’t want is to disrespect somebody with ignorance and have them suffer for it.”

However, it’s really sad for foodie-lovers who don’t have a medical marijuana card, because not just anyone is allowed to enjoy amazing menu items like; truffle popcorn, or choosing between a smoke or roasted pork sandwich piled with pickled cabbage, due to Washington’s current state laws. Cooper did say “for now” the foods are only allowed for consumption by medical marijuana card holders.

“The cannabis food truck can only be utilized on private property for private events at the moment, and only for patients, so we fall under the medical program at the moment. We are looking forward at the legalization process,” Cooper said.

Chef Cooper isn’t the only one looking forward to the legalization process. We also spoke with Steve Sarich, who is founder of a community based political organization, the Cannabis Action Coalition, and is state certified to be an expert witness in “THC driving impairment” cases.

Sarich said, although 502 was sold to voters as “legalizing marijuana,” no one highlighted the fact that it also included giving each city, and town the right to control marijuana shops within their limits. He also said, Washington’s state taxes on marijuana is nothing like Colorado’s.

He said, “we want to unschedule marijuana and try to take it out of the State of Washington’s Control Substances Act , as schedule 1.” The only thing the new law has done so far beyond medical legalization, is by decriminalizing it for a certain amount. Unlike Colorado, he said the State of Washington obstructed the real idea of “legalizing marijuana” in passage of 502. Sarich said, “we don’t have home grows up here, our state only decriminalized it up to one ounce, there are different laws for those under 21-years-of age, and then they taxed it to death up here.”

Although, the states “first retail shops” are setting up their retail shops, but the retail for “legal recreational marijuana” may be keeping their shops closed next month, according to the New York Times. W-H-A-T? Yup, that’s right. It’s been reported that local governments are allowed to regulate recreational use under their own codes and ordinances. The New York Times reported “at least 10 cities and counties in Washington,” have banned cannabis businesses, with “an additional 69 municipalities and 12 counties,” who already have moratoriums on these types of businesses.

Sarich believes the current legislation has really hampered the progress of the cannabis industry, and placed a burden on medical marijuana patients. Through his groups lobbying efforts they are hoping to to try and fix legislation next year. He said, “they are going to flood the capital with medical patients.”

With the Magical Butter Studio’s motto, “Eat To Treat,” and its new THC-infused sandwich restaurant; it appears this company is well on it’s way to making history. Let’s us hope that Washington legislators will also listen to their constituents and in the next session amend the laws to help the marijuana industry, and cannabis users (medical and recreational). Maybe Washington legislators need some TLC with THC-infused gourmet meals to help them loosen up on the laws.


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