Marihuana en Suecia: Sweden’s south in cannabis farm boom

In almost every small town around Söderåsen, a area of natural beauty in northwest Skåne, there are cannabis plantations signifying a new trend according to local youth workers.
«I would guess that Söderåsen is self-sufficient in cannabis now,» said Mathias Lööw at Söderåsens youth and drugs group to the Helsingborgs Dagblad daily.
Lööw explained that while many grow the drug, which is illegal in all quantities in Sweden, for personal use there are others who cultivate the weed for commercial purposes.
The area is popular due to its remote countryside location which makes it easier to grow undetected, Lööw explained.
«It is significantly harder to be discovered than in town, there is rather a pungent smell,» he said.
Lööw believes that the cannabis boom is part of a new trend for home-grown farmers as a result of the easy availability of information on the internet and a relaxation of attitudes among young people.
Police and youth groups are working to tackle demand with information campaigns and are thereby hopeful of cutting production.
«Smoking cannabis makes you stupid. It’s as simple as that,» Lööw said.
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